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Circular Worlds LLC

Phoenix Area 3D Matterport Virtual Tour Rates

As low as $.05 sqft

"First Impression is a Powerful Tool"™
Don't settle for less

This is an unparalleled "Premium" 3D Matterport service we offer in Phoenix.

Wholesale Matterport rates (more than 1 property) :
Residential -
OLDER Matterport Camera FLAT RATE $.05sf ($75min) includes 1 year free hosting

"NEW PRO2" Matterporter Camera w/ 4K High Resolution FLAT RATE $.10sf ($100 min) includes 1 year free hosting
Commercial Rates - Call

Our premium service plan includes:

  • Photo-realistic 3D interactive "Dollhouse" view.
  • Photo-realistic 2D interactive floor plan.
  • FREE "ONE YEAR" hosting of models or until property is sold.**
  • FREE trip charges throughout most of the Phoenix Valley please see service area map
  • FREE 2 outdoor 360° scans.
  • FREE model branding with your company name in addition to non-branding for MLS.
  • FREE editing of text during lifetime of model such as contact details, branding information etc.

Partial list of clients: Republic Media (part of USA Today Network), Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty, Redfin, Altisource Compliance Depot, West USA Realty
Berkshire Hathaway, ReMax, Keller Williams and many more.....


We accept all major credits cards, company checks, cash, gold, silver and may consider barter. Bartering is the trading of one product or service for another. Usually there is no exchange of cash. However, the fair market value of the goods and services exchanged needs to be reported as income by both parties.


Striving For Perfection

From the CEO Bill Bailey:
Since this technology was born over 2 years ago I have personally viewed well over a thousand Matterport models created by others and have found more than 90% contain errors of some sort. Matterport advertises easy as 1-2-3 so many are buying a camera, setting out and providing this service. Without liability insurance, workers compensation, or office overhead to contend they are able able to offer rock bottom pricing. Unfortunately the sheer lack of experience alone is resulting in a market flooded with substandard models which is reflecting poorly on the technology. 


What Sets Us Apart

Unlike many others we carry full liability insurance ($1M) to protect the client's property as well as workers compensation to protect our workers. In addition we feel we are one of the top Matterport Providers in the country with our work being featured on the Matterport website, Popular Mechanics, as well as a host of others websites. Our quality and support is unmatched. Our sister company (Nodal Ninja) has received well over 1,000 customer testimonials and is THE global leader in the panoramic photography equipment. We are the best at what we do and we love to do it.

**We monitor model analytics periodically. If model shows zero activity (Impressions, Visits, Unique Visitors) within last 30 days this implies model is no longer active on MLS or being used. As such we will remove the model off the servers.

Note: Please familiarize yourself with Matterport tours and what to expect. The technology behind the 3D Matterport Camera is state-of-the-art but as with any new technology there are pro's and cons for you to be aware of. Visit our Matterport Pro's and Con's page..
Rates and features subject to change without notice.