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Now offering 3-D Matterport
Virtual Tours in the Phoenix Area

We shoot 360 Degree Panoramas, Gigapixels & more. Our primary business is selling Nodal Ninja panoramic equipment but we also do work for hire. Our latest toy is a new 3-D Pro Matterport Camera with Laser Scanner. By capturing a scene with a laser scan we're able to create and display extremely accurate floorplans (birdseye view) of your property. In addition we're also able to create a 3 three dimension layout called 3-D virtual "Dollhouse" view. Add in 100 or so scans, dozens of quality stills and you property will be given the ultimate first impression.

Our services are normally not for hire but my wife (Kim Baley) is a Real Estate Associate Broker and Agent and she also provides this service to her clients. Together we service Phoenix Valley to include Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon Queen Creek and San Tan. We also offer premium panoramas shot the traditional way but only 3-D Matterport Imagery gives users floorplan and dollhouse views as well as very fluid walkthroughs (virtual tours).
To read more about this new technology and what it has to offer click here.


360 Degree Panoramas
Most of the work displayed on my website are 360° panoramas (aka full spherical panoramas). These images are stitched to form an equirectangular (equi) image. These equi's can then be displayed as clickable images that bring up the full interactive panorama. Viewer can be Quick Time (.mov) Flash (.swf) or more the more current standard HTML5. These interactive panoramas can be rotated left or right up or down and even zoomed in. It's literally a Virtual Reality experience.
Gigapixel Images
Patience patience and patience - these are the 3 most important attributes needed to shoot gigapixel images. A gigapixel image is a composite of many images which are stitched to together to form a larger overall image. Also known as mosaics or composite images if the end product is over 1 gigabyte is in size they are termed "gigapixel images" can grow to be very large. Some of my gigapixel images consist of more than a thousand individual photographs.
3-D Matterport VR Tours
Our 3D Virtual Walk-through service provides professional grade 360 degree imaging plus much more. We take a 360 degree panorama at virtually every step in your home. Our presentation provides viewers a full 360 panoramic experience at virtual each step you take walking though a property. In addition the special 3D laser scanning camera allows for the creation 2D photo-realistic floor plan as well as 3D photo-realistic interactive "doll-house" view of entire property..
All works displayed on the website are copyrighted but may also be purchased. If interested in purchasing or licensing any of the work you see please do not hesitate to contact me